Wuhan city

Here we recommend three tourist attractions in Wuhan:

First, Hubei Museum, which is near by the venue, Donghu Hotel. The Hubei Provincial Museum is one of the eight national museums jointly built by the central and local governments. It is a national first-class museum, a key scientific research base of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for the protection of unearthed wood and lacquerware, and a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. It is also the largest in Hubei Province with the richest collection and scientific research The most powerful national comprehensive museum.

Adress: About 1 km from Donghu Hotel, about 20 minutes on foot.

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Second is East Lake. East Lake is located in the east of Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The area of the whole lake is 31.75 square kilometers when the normal high water level is 19.78 meters, and the volume of the lake is 81.5 million cubic meters. If the water level is 21.0 meters, it is 32.8 square kilometers. The corresponding maximum lake volume is 124.1 million cubic meters. It is the largest city lake in China. East Lake is also an important cultural center in the urban area of Wuhan, surrounded by 26 higher education institutions including Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and China University of Geosciences.

Adress: The East Lake Hotel is right next to the East Lake, you can choose to take a bicycle tour. We recommend riding on the East Lake Greenway, the entrance is :East Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area, No. 16 Yanhu Avenue, Wuchang District.

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The third is Yellow Crane Tower

Adress: No. 1 West Hill Pote, Sheshan Mountain, Wuchang District. You can take bus No. 14 and get off at the stop  "Minzhu Road Simenkou" or bus No. 411/701 and get off at the stop "Wuluo Road Yuemachang".

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